my ipod and i

Well today as usual I’m out with my ipod walking along with Ron Pope singing merrily in my ears, quite happily jauntily going down the road. Suddenly I had one of those penny drops moments and it slowly dawned on me that I wasn’t actually walking it was more of a half dance half walk with a bit of a wiggle in the middle. Well that did it, I gave a quick panicked look around checking that I didn’t actually know anyone and that Jeremy Beadle wasn’t over the road chortling GOTCHA before guiltily scuttling off. So I carry on walking and i’m quite happily mentally warbling along to Jason Mraz  when I realise the little wiggly dance walk is back. Now I have to sing mentally because in my head I sing like Adele and everyone is awestruck by my wonderful voice but in reality I sing like a strangled cat. I guess i’m fortunate that my ears work perfectly and I can actually hear the horrendous squawk that crawls reluctantly out of my mouth but i dread getting older because once I get just a little bit deaf I might forget to remember that i actually cant sing and I will suddenly believe i’m the reincarnation of Edith Piaf. So I’m happily doing my wiggle dance walk down the road and caught sight of myself in a shop window, okay so you know on a friday afternoon when you see mr ‘ive hit the pub early’  wandering all over the pavement , yes well add in a little wiggle and you have me.  They always say you should look in a mirror before you go out i think they should change that to amandas should look in a mirror while theyre still out!!  

One thought on “my ipod and i

  1. Jay

    Hey..hey…We need a bit more of that wiggle dance on show honey….I see you baby shakin’ that a$$. Welcome to the world of blogging..proud of you!.look forward to the next instalment….Jayxxx

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