“to sleep, perchance to dream”

Many people may not know but i actually love Shakespeare, yes you need to be fully absorbed to be entirely aware of what he is trying to say given the long  since replaced style of speech but its so emotive and dramatically expressive you cant help but be drawn into its flamboyancy and swept away by the passion and drama of it all. Perhaps Shakespeare had me in mind when he penned the quote by Hamlet…”to sleep perchance to dream”  for I do dream, and I dont mean the odd night here and there I mean i dream a lot. Gloriously bizarre full technicolor blockbusters that even Steven Spielberg would be proud to lay claim to! They say dreaming is the brains way of making sense of things it cannot comprehend or process whilst we are awake and there are hundreds of books that will give you a definition on almost every dream you ever had, from appearing naked in class, to having all your teeth fall out when you open your mouth. But given this rather scientifically rational explanation i can only conclude that my brain and i are on different planes of existence!! One night Im trapped in an underground bunker with a robot sidekick being chased by space age druids and the next I’m a medic riding along in the back of a jeep in some war torn country. Now i like to think i’m unfailingly interesting, spontaneous and adventurous but in truth my life really isnt that exciting, and yes i could lay claim to the most fantastical imagination but dream me has turned into Lara Croft and is intent on saving the universe. I wonder what ImageShakespeare would have made of me, perhaps he might have decided perchance to dream was not such a good idea after all. And so dear bloggers i must bid you goodnight and go face my latest battle…once more into the breach dear friends, once more!!

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