I’ve never thought of myself as much of a conformist, infact i guess in truth a lot of the time i’m more of a rebel but when the bureaucrats at the local council started rolling a colourful assortment of plastic bins and boxes down my garden i decided i’d do my bit for the environment and recycle what i could.After many a day spent brushing soggy weetabix from some item of recycleable proportions thrown carelessly into the ‘naughty’ bin by errant teens or gagging in disgust whilst trying to rinse kitty yum supreme from an aluminium can without shredding my fingers into ribbons it eventually became somewhat of a second nature to dispense items to their requisite location. Alas i am not perfect and i’m sure on the odd occasion an errant tin can would be sobbing dolefully at the bottom of the plastic bottle bin but for the most part i was quite smug in my efforts to save the planet. BUT my efforts are being thwarted by a very dear miscreant friend of mine who to my total horror quite cheerfully and unashamedly admitted that he does not recyle. Swamped by visions of cans and bottles with their little lives cut short begging and pleading on their knees, cries of please dont kill me echoing from the depths of the local landfill site and no chance of being reincarnated into something wonderful and shiny, i quite happily admonished him for his lack of effort in my best ‘you’ve been a naughty boy voice’. One good thing about being a mommy is you get to develop a special voice that you save especially for reprimanding the erring child no matter the age of them at the time. Now good friend that i am i feel it is my solemn duty to lead this straying lamb back to  the fold and instil a sense of mercy for all the shiny little lives yet to be created so here i create a permanent dear friend, recycling saves lives 

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