Something to be said for pony tails

We all age, its a fact of life and for the most part im reasonably accepting of the inevitable despite the colourful belying array of skin care products adorning every available surface in my room. I think the problem really lies with the fact of when you realise you ARE ageing and you really arent the carefree 20 something that lurks inside the wrinkled packaging. This morning i woke far earlier than i would’ve liked after a very long late shift, peered blearily into the mirror and gaped in horror at the little old lady looking back at me. Now it was very tempting to turn the mirror around and see if there actually was some mythical old crone residing in my looking glass, in truth more like i hoped there was but no the panda with the unironed face was actually me! Well if i wasnt awake before that i certainly was by then, shrieked in horror,almost fell into the bath and scuttled hastily in the direction of the nearest ‘miracle’ face cream having found a sudden never before need to pray to the nearest listening deity. I have to admit once the sleep creases wear off and the mirror is turned around to the non magnifying side the effect is a little less dramatic but the thought hit me that very soon that will be my permanent countenance and all the miracle creams in the world will not hide the fact that i look like i went to bed in my face. I pondered the thought of growing my hair as long as possible and pulling it in a very tight pony tail therefore giving an instant facelift and saving myself a fortune into the process but perhaps that isnt for me after all  i think i am far beyond the days of ankle socks and pony tails. So at this point i am left with either the thought of sleeping sitting up for the rest of my life or maybe i should just find a wrinkly old man who doesnt mind waking up with a little wrinkly old panda Image