Pet Peeves

We all have our likes and dislikes, those little irritants that really get up our nose and each of us is very different as to what they may be. Like anyone i have my own some of which people find amusing like my dislike of morris dancers and mime artists, totally illogical and without foundation but there you have it, for some reason i have no tolerance for either. Then there are the dislikes of stronger things like those who cheat or in my own particular case my ultimate abhorrence those who lie. I freely admit be it in all naivety i cannot fathom the reasoning nor the gain from untruths and subterfuge yet so often it happens and still the perpetrators blithely imagine naught will come of it and that the truth will never out. Sometimes this is the case and some poor unsuspecting fool will be ultimately deceived by someone they could never imagine would utter untruths and long since past i have myself been the victim of this but i learned from my mistakes and in turn became very perceptive and being in possession of an excellent memory quickly learned what the  prevaricator failed to….to lie you need to have excellent recall which most do not. It is very easy after that to piece together clues, wait for small slips in the relating of occurrences and wait until eventually the entire tale becomes a contradiction of itself which invariably happens. So now i find it amusing when people believe they are deceiving me successfully because truth be told infact i am just watching and waiting and just when you think you have taken me in, i have all the rope i need to hang you Image

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