occupational hazards

I guess as with any job there are penalties that go along with it and we open ourselves up to all manner of potential hazards and harm. Being of the annoyingly healthy type i never really thought about this, quite happily lifting weights at the gym alongside a pair of overtly masculine body building training partners, and not giving a thought to the physical nature of my life or job. And it is a physical job, i never really thought about how many times in a day i will be moving or supporting a persons full body weight with my own and often i’m thankful for my strapping build, sometimes it really does help not to be frail and delicate. Built like a pit pony i remember being told when younger!! hmmmm didnt they work pit ponys to death and turn them into glue??

So i guess it was with quite some horror as im doing my strong woman impression and hauling the back of a sling holding a very heavy Mrs X into a sitting position, that i find myself swallowing a yelp as some invisible  pain assassin deals a resounding blow across the bottom of my back. Now i have no choice but to remain where i am, i could not in all conscience let go and leave a vulnerable person at risk of harm for as much as i know i am injured i consider myself to be of far lesser importance in comparison to someone elderly and frail. Let us just say my tongue was well and truly bitten but aside from a dull ache i imagined that this had only been a fleeting incident and dismissed it from my mind and carried on. Until 3am that was until some little crimson demon decided to prod pitchforks of pain across my back waking me and forcing me from my bed, a feat in itself since i found myself at an angle worthy of someone far older than i and unable to gain full stance. Okay even i had to see the funny side as between squeaks of pain i decided the best course of action would be to slide down the stairs on my posterior, well it seemed a terribly good idea at the time but became in actuality the longest descent of a staircase ever. And so now, with a pervading odour of ralgex accompanying me everywhere i go i am counting down the hours until work again and since i have today passed more of my time in contemplation of my feet i think perhaps ignoring the painfully obvious aside it will be a most comical and challenging shift and not one i am looking forward to with any easeImage

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