shining stars

i doubt there is a single one of us that hasn’t at one time or another gazed into the night sky and marvelled at the beautiful array of stars shining like a glittering carpet above us. And invariably your eyes will be immediately drawn to the largest, brightest most effervescent one of all, we in this are akin to magpies drawn to the bright, the sparkly and the most blatant. But as any astronomer will tell you it is not always the brightest most visible stars that are the most candent or the most fascinating and i find the same is very true of people. We are all drawn to the visually perfect, the glitterati and the social butterfly, like moths to a flame we are pulled in seeing in these people all the things we are not and yet if one takes the time to look around the truly beautiful are the most unassuming of all.  Very few of us are fortunate enough to lay claim to any form of true visible beauty but as we all know outer wrappings do not stay perfect for long and once removed the gift inside may fail to live up to the expectations promised. And then there is the gift in the less ostentatious of trappings, hiding under the pile of other gaily adorned packages, modest with no clue as to what may lie inside but once opened this is the thing that will make us smile, the gift that is special and worth waiting for.  I have become fortunate enough to discover such a treasure, a person with no notion of their true worth and yet all the better a person for all that. A quietly shining star in a sky full of nova, yet easily the most radiant and wonderful of all. 

2 thoughts on “shining stars

  1. T

    Pleased for you Smilealot!!!
    Really pleased!! dont undersestimate your own quality and please dont stop your blog!
    Tim x

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