dilemmas of dating


As a fully fledged member of the dating world i do find a certain humour in the total lack of reality in the whole process. For sure there are those genuine persons quite happy to adorn their profiles with true representations of themselves , flaws and all, seeking a fellow loveless soul of equal veridicality but equally there are those who, for reasons unbeknown to the rest of us, choose to embroider the truth and often this can cause controversy when meetings arise. Personally i cannot help but wonder at those who choose to deceive for surely are they not going to be discovered once face to face with the object of their desire and then?? I cannot figure if they assume their transgressions will be ignored and their date fall blissfully into their arms not noticing a rapid ageing from screen to reality of a decade or more? Or in the case of a correspondance of mine the appearance of a totally different woman who quite blithely admitted to obtaining a profile photograph from the internet and further still was astounded when said gentleman did not wish to continue their affaire de coeur. And then there are those i find i encounter most, those latent misogynists laden with baggage from every relationship throughout their entire lives, bitter cynics who are quite happy to impart this to any member of the opposite sex unlucky enough to befall them. Usually i give these pessimistic personages a wide berth but i must confess i recently found myself the victim of one said such person.Ultimately to my only minor shame i own that i uncharacteristically yet happily sought to enlighten him upon his narrow minded failings. Having brought to his attention the existence of those capable of truth and forthrightness i wonder if perhaps his lack of reply is due to his activity on the merriam-webster dictionary doggedly deciphering a clearly unexpected intelligent missive from yours truly. oh what a tangled web we weave…i couldn’t have put it better myself Mr Scott  

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