sweet dreams


Its a very rare occasion when i find it hard to sleep. Usually a dose of sci fi and accompanied by an assortment of weird nocturnal contemplations i hit the pillow and wander off to the land of nod only emerging in daylight when i resemble a rumpled up hedgehog. Of course there are occasions when mid sleep my bladder will tug insistently at the bottom of my pyjama top wailing loudly ‘wake up i need a WEE’ and then a semi conscious crawl to the bathroom is required but for the most part i sleep soundly. But not so this week!! oh no!! this week 3am and i have become very close friends accompanied by 2am and 4am with an occasional appearance by 5am in case we get bored. Infact last night we were all having quite the party until rudely interrupted by some errant sheep insisting i count them. Hey what a great idea!! have you ever tried to make sheep stand still at 4am so you can count them? Oh well i have and trust me they aren’t very compliant, infact i swear they purposely did the opposite just to rile me and thus that task went out of the window. So traditional remedies? Hot milk….hmmmmm okay yuk i cant abide milk at the best of times let alone hot so perhaps it is advisable to pass on that one even thoughts of it make my stomach roil. Hot bubble bath?? hmmmm not a good idea at 3am i don’t think so maybe we’ll have to abandon that one too. Meditating?? Again maybe not, have you ever tried to make all the voices be quiet at the same time? Rather like trying to teach a classroom full of 3 year olds i would think!! okay so i’m joking there but i freely admit i think too much and find it very hard to switch off my brain even in sleep, hence the many weird and wonderful dreams i have. So now daylight is here and if i thought my cognitive functions were greatly suffering yesterday then they are even more so today. Having already tried to put furniture polish into the refrigerator and having been upstairs multiple times forgetting my purpose upon reaching the top i have come to the conclusion today is going to be a very long hard day. Hovering with impending doom is the late shift, hiding in the wings like some grim reaper waiting until the time is right to come and spoil my day. Uncharacteristically i find today i will struggle with patience and will have to dig deep to drag out a smile for i do not want to smile and be nice to those unpleasant individuals undeserving of it, i’m tired and i want to hide under my duvet and sleep. oh sleep….if only!! Now where did i put the polish???