63 stone teenager and you


Any of us who follow the news will have seen the story of Georgia Davis, Britain’s fattest teenager who at 63 stone had to be rescued from her home for a life saving operation by a team of 40 men. Although this in itself was rather upsetting i think the thing that upset me most was the reaction of the public to this situation as reading online i found various sites with untold comments on the story. ‘Wire her mouth shut’ said one, ‘lock the fridge’ stated another whilst further yet someone else declared airily ‘oh i feel skinny now’. Myself i stared aghast at these unfeeling dismissive comments, not truly believing what i was reading. Is this really the people that we have become?? Where is the sympathy? The empathy?? It seems there was very little of this except on my part as i felt such compassion for a girl trapped in her prison of a body but then i wonder if such compassion and sympathy can only come from experience. Once long past having been considerably overweight myself i know very well the despair, loneliness and self hatred that becomes your life and i do not have to delve very far to resurface those feelings along with that overwhelming thought that there is no way out from it all. I guess it is so easy to sit in judgement in others for didn’t she and others like her make herself this way by consuming more than was normal for someone her age? Perhaps this is so, in essence we know it to be true but i find many people in these situations are simply just so ill educated in these matters that they know little better. Denial is a huge companion and it is amazing how much you will not see if you do not wish to do so. As life goes on you find yourself riding a see saw of knowing you are obese and comfort eating because you hate the fact that you ARE obese it is a vicious circle that is very hard to get away from and it often takes a sharp shocking reality to bring everything into focus. So yes i have deep commiseration with a young girl who should be living the time of her life and for those so scathing and cold hearted i have nothing but contempt and the hope that they never find themselves in such a situation so deserving of the thoughts and humanity of others and finding none. And for Georgia, there is hope..there is always hope.

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