i had a dream


I had a dream that i walked on golden sands, aware i’d never been there before and yet i knew exactly where i was. A man walked beside me and took my hand and although i’d never met him i knew i’d always known him and that my life was somehow intertwined with his,sometimes apart but somehow always together.

I had a dream that i walked on golden sands listening to a voice telling me about the world and everything in it and although these were things i knew  i felt i was learning for the very first time. Colours became brighter and every sound so clear and new and i learned all over again what a wonderful place the world can be.

I had a dream i walked on golden sands and time went by so slowly and yet all too quickly it was coming to an end.Then i was no longer walking on golden sand the day was dawning and everything familar was gone until a hand took mine and a smile i knew told me i didnt need the sand to live within the dream for i had only to open my eyes and see what was right there before me.

But sometimes i still walk on golden sand and i smile…just sometimes