open doors


And so just when all seems set for the future a door opens and i hastened to shove a foot in it quickly before it closes again. I must confess it tickles me at the thought of being a student again but thankfully i must have impressed somewhere so business and administration level 2 here i come. Now i cant quite envisage quirky little me in the business world but at least it is a step in the right direction towards a career in which to flex my brain matter a little more. I must say the thought of lil ole moi in a skirt twirling on a computer chair glasses perched jauntily on my nose makes me chuckle and i cant help mad images of myself, satchel on back, trudging into college from popping into my head. So two weeks in which to brush up my word processing skills before nice shiny new tutor and i get down to the business of business….i wonder if i should sharpen some pencils??

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