taking it for granted


I imagine many people have been in a situation where you just cant win. Or that familiar feeling where when you do as you are meant, it goes totally unrecognised but the minute you fail to do so the whole world stops to sit up and take notice. Its such an irony how often things are taken for granted and i wonder if we all stop and think about it just how often we ourselves are guilty of the very same. It is so easy to expect the things you have always been given for they are exactly that..expected but it is only when we find ourselves without these things that we realise that we actually had them in the first place. The same applies to people, how many times do you say thankyou i appreciated that or even acknowledge someone at all in any capacity little realising how much of an effect they have in your life. Being so much in a place where i am so often taken for granted i have myself come to recognise that perhaps i in turn occasionally fail in appreciating the things i have. Whilst this is not total and i am very aware of how fortunate in so many ways i am i still find that i sometimes unconsciously fail to fully appreciate those things with which i am blessed. As a result i have made a decision to be more mindful and ensure those who are deserving of it know their value, to give my thanks freely and count my blessings daily. A thankyou costs nothing after all 


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