taking a stand


I am sure i am far from alone having an unswerving set of morals and values that hold a very strong sway in my life. Conscience will prick and niggling voices will prompt me that something is not right and that i should act and do something about it and ultimately i find i am not of a disposition to be able to ignore these things and turn a blind eye.

It is at this point i should mention that i am far from good at being able to keep quiet about anything i feel any kind of passionate feeling for. Those who read my blogs will know i have an inherent tendency to speak first and worry about the consequences later.

So this is how it has been for me for some time, i have found my conscience on the receiving end of many sharp reminders that have not sat well with me at all. Fair to say that within any system there is a hierarchy that has to be adhered to and it is very hard to make any significant change when those in power over you refuse to acknowledge the existence of a problem. Even harder when such denial stems from being so far removed from the realities and practicalities of the situation as to render them non existent.

I have tried hard to effect change even finding kindred spirits who, being of the same opinion as myself, were willing to speak out and thus make a concerted effort to right so many wrongs but it is very hard to change anything under the power and ignorance of a dictatorship. I hesitated before calling it this wondering if perhaps i were being judgemental and harsh but then came a stark reminder of all attempts to make it not so and my opinion was set.

Time then to make a stand and in this i was not alone. I find i cannot in all conscience condone those things which i know to be wrong and so with heavy heart i took my stand and i decided to resign from my job. I am not so fool as not to realise that by doing so i have placed myself in a precarious situation and i am definitely aware of how difficult i many have made things for myself in doing so but sometimes principles are more important.

I care. This is what i do and i do it well although i say this with no conceit or pomposity. But when i am placed at such a point where i am required not to care then this is something i cannot do. I know with all surety that i have done the right thing and any talents i have will be better employed in an avenue where they are useful but it does not prevent the twinge of sadness at my failure to make a difference. All in all i know i cannot condone such practises nor adopt such an air of ignorant complacency for this would render me as guilty as if i were to commit those wrongs myself.

Sometimes you just have to take a stand, and even if ultimately you are the only one doing so sometimes one is all it takes.