a bit of a brain burble

You’ve just gotta love days off!! Mine is an extra excuse to sit online subjecting all and sundry to totally inane and irrelevant ramblings and sitting chuckling to myself at random things that pop into my head. Is it a bad thing when you make yourself laugh?? Does it have some hidden meaning that means im  totally devoid of personality and wit?? i hope not because in my head im terribly funny, i have those moments where out of the blue i sit and giggle uncontrollably at something causing everyone else to giggle too yet being unable to get the words out to explain why i’m laughing. I think in the past they used to call it insanity i could be wrong!!


My brain has a mind of its own. Yes i know thats a terribly comical statement and perhaps contradictory but its true it does!! Whatever i’m thinking about or daydreaming about anything ( yes number one dreamer here i have diplomas!!) it butts in with something else totally random and unrelated and im sitting there thinking ‘where did that come from??’   I have come to the conclusion i have a head full of the most useless facts in the universe that serve no purpose at all except for the fact that i know them. I mean for instance did you know if you lick a stamp you eat 1/10th of a calorie? i do but why on earth do i know that?okay note to self not to go and work in the post office then!!


Talking about post offices i am at present on parcel watch at dear daughter number one’s house. okay admittedly the parcels are for me but that’s totally beside the point. Thanks to the storm outside i got here rather faster than i would’ve liked looking for all the world like i had come out of a washing machine on the extra spin cycle which trust me is not a good look. Drowned rat springs to mind??


Oh so anyway back to parcel watch, i’m sitting here cold and damp with no tv ( yup the wind knocked out the freeview signal) when the doorbell rings. Now DD lives in a third floor apartment with a courtyard in the roof so you kinda have to be quick when the bell rings and hurtle down two flights of stairs crossing the courtyard inbetween. So i raced for the door shoving my feet into the quickest shoes by the door which unfortunately happened to be clogs( fortunately DD and i are the same size)  and race across the courtyard for the second set of stairs only to skid on the very wet floor and propel myself into the arms of the advancing postman. Clogs on a mossy wet floor clearly werent a good idea and also my socks were rather soaked which didnt help matters much. 

Okay so i’m female and i admit had the postman looked anything like Kiefer Sutherland i would have been most happy to fling myself into his path and would not have apologised at all but since this postman although lovely could have almost been my father the situation was slightly more embarassing. Yet another reminder to self…slow down woman!! 

Oh yes so anyway back to burbling, brain and i are having a wonderful time deciding what to write. We ramble you see and we’re full of nonsense and since we have the whole day to sit and ponder a universe of totally useless facts who knows what we will come up with between us. 

Oh by the way did you know a giraffe can clean its ears with its tongue?? i did !! 😀

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