Up where we belong

I have a thinking place

A place where i go when i want to be far away from everything and i sit and let the wind blow everything away. And it does for it is a very high place, far far above the town where the breeze ripples through the grass  and i love to climb up there and watch all the little cars and people going about their business with no idea i am up there and totally unaware that i am watching them.

Little people scurrying about like ants ,hurry hurry hurry.


This is where i sit, way up there right upon a snowy white horse.. I even have a special place sitting right on his ear and i close my eyes and i pretend i am the only person in the whole wide world.

And i just listen. 

And i just think.

And i just exist.

And so today i climbed and climbed and i went to my thinking place with all the little cars and the people that look like ants and i sat and i dreamed. And the sun shone and the wind blew my hair into my face so that i could not see and strangely this made me laugh.

And so i sat and i dreamed an still the people went on scurrying by. And i watched them all hurrying home, going about their business with no idea that i watched. And then it tickled me that maybe this was how the greek gods felt looking down from Mount Olympus and that made me laugh too. 

And still i sat, with the wind blowing my hair crazily around my face, thinking and dreaming. And up there nothing did matter and i did not care that i was alone because this is my thinking place and in my heart it belongs to me.


I have a thinking place.

And this is where i sit watching the world go by and all the little people scurrying by like ants.

I can see you…….Can you see me??