Get Up And Go

So its Sunday morning and i am not in bed having a lie in like most conventional people on the one day we do not need to get up early. As usual 6.30am my happy little dream world was shattered by brain rudely shouting ‘OI you’re late get up!!’  Now i was not infact late for anything but i appear to have some inbuilt alarm clock that has no respect at all for days off or late shifts and will quite happily tip me out of bed regardless.


So okay lets give in and crawl downstairs in the direction of the coffee….coffee helps, really although some days i think i should just bypass the kettle and sit and eat it with a spoon.Well mostly it helps but today three coffees down and it’s just not working.Cue huge yawn!

So being analytical i think my get up and go just got up and went……i’d be tempted to go and follow it but hey no forwarding address what do you know?? Typical right?

Actually i blame it all on being injured yesterday whilst out hiking in my thinking place. My own fault i really should know better than to go scrambling through barbed wire fences but i do things on a whim and it seemed like a terribly good idea at the time. Strangely i didn’t realise i was injured i think i was more absorbed in trying to get through the fence in a ladylike manner without displaying my ample bottom to the world and did not register my leg being chewed by a fence with teeth. 

Later sitting in the bath i did notice, peering curiously at it wondering where on earth it came from. But perhaps im a morbid little soul being not the slightest bit squeamish and i prodded happily at it fascinatedly examining the flesh inside and marvelling at the layers visible. 

This is where now my children would be exclaiming in disgust, the ritual…’Motherrrrrr thats gross’  would come forth. I watch medical programmes you see, quite unperturbedly eating dinner whilst watching open heart surgery and this never bothers me at all but my children for some odd reason find this most strange and refuse to watch tv with me. What can i say? i assume i just have a strong stomach or am capable of a degree of detachment that most people are not. Maybe i missed my calling and i should after all have been a surgeon!

So, get up and go having taken an impromptu vacation and blame being firmly placed at injuries door i absolved myself from all blame in feeling the need to attach my derierre to shiny new sofa,indulge my need for coffee and spend the morning mentally drooling at the gorgeous Kevin Mckidd courtesy of Greys anatomy.

Again this is most unlike me, i confess to having a touch of ocd in that i hate mess, i mean REALLY hate mess. It talks to me. I will happily sit down and then some untidy or homeless belonging will start waving at me and calling my name until i find all my attention focused upon it and then i feel the need to get up and take it away. Curtains and cushions must be straight and even and everything in its place. Yes a touch of OCD like i said. 

Although perhaps here i should be worried for other things talk to me too, biscuits for one. I hear them calling my name and cooing ‘eat meeeee’ every time i enter the kitchen. Hiding them really does not help for they seem to have internal radar and will only call louder to be sure of being heard. Hey im not ignorant i have to listen right??


But today with get up and go having got up and gone and injury taking the blame where i refuse to, i am having a guilt free slob out on the sofa gazing disinterestedly at all those tasks still waiting to be done. Not a voice to be heard and not a wave to be seen and although i feel mildly guilty knowing i have to work the late shift and it is likely my very minor mess will still be in residence when i return home. And this i know is when i will mind for i hate returning home to anything less than spotless. 

So still i sit here and time is ticking by and am i doing as i should? No i am sitting here blogging to the world, tutting furiously for my hands seem also to be missing a little something and typos run unbound across the page. I promise i shall edit before i publish for there is nothing more annoying than spelling mistakes and errors.

So tick tock time is moving along, work is edging ever closer and i think perhaps, guilt assisted or not i really should get myself moving and tackle the chores. Maybe just one more coffee first.

Coffee anyone??



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