Come out. Come out wherever you are…

                           Are you afraid of the dark??

Recently i’ve been watching a lot of ghost movies  Woman in black, Lady in white, The Awakening and i wonder if maybe i’m missing the point of them. I’m not afraid and they dont make me jump infact at the cinema watching Woman in Black i laughed my socks off at everyone jumping in fright and screaming and i didn’t jump, not once. I knew when the so called scary bits were coming. not because i’d seen it before but more because it was so obvious.

Did i enjoy the film? Yes i actually did but was i suitably scared? No far from it which pretty much defeated the object of it all. I wonder if maybe i’m just too practical to be fooled so with a movie. I cannot say i believe in ghosts but in all honesty i actually cannot say i don’t believe in them either. Logic tells me anything is possible but also leads me to a slight sadness for were they to be at all real it should mean some unhappiness has kept them from going to wherever their beliefs lead them to go. I’m like most people i think, i have irrational fears about silly things like escalators and heights but then in others i am totally unstereotypical, upon hearing noises downstairs in my house i will quite happily trip down the stairs to investigate with very little trepidation. Doesn’t the heroine always run up the stairs in the movies?? Usually and then the silly woman gets herself killed for not having the sense to run away.

Strange then that one of my favourite movies is actually a victorian ghost story..The Amazing Mr Blunden.As a child i shed more than one tear whilst watching it and now watching The awakening that same kind of feeling. It is actually a very good film and although i’m enjoying watching it i find i’m not in the least scared it just makes me feel a little sad. Not perhaps the reaction the writer was hoping for i think. Maybe i’m not the audience to pitch these things to and perhaps i need to adopt a little more of my usual whimsy when watching them. 

No movies dont scare they scare you??

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