Why do birds run??


Today the sun smiled at me through my window and it beckoned me to come outside. I protested at first that i had work to do but it smiled again and said come out to play. So i did, i am nothing if not obliging and who was i to refuse such a request especially since it had rained and rained for so long i was thinking of changing my name to Noah. So i skipped off outside and caught a train to the next town and spent the next few hours nosing around shops and stopping for lunch ( subway of course!!) which is rare for me because i usually hate shopping and do most of it online. Yes you heard right i’m a girl and i hate shopping!! I’m okay for an hour or so and then i get bored and go plonk myself down in the park with my kindle. 

Some time later idly sitting at the bus stop i was absorbed in watching a little bird running around in the road, rather worriedly for this is a busy bus route and i didn’t want the little guy to get run over. Actually to be honest i was only half watching him, the other half of me being absorbed in trying to eat an orange juice lolly without it melting all over my lovely white shirt. As i sat and pondered the little bird a bus came thundering by and i squeaked in alarm convinced the little bird had met his fate between the huge wheels but no, here he came scuttling along from between the back wheels and resuming his wandering in the road. I have absolutely no idea why he was running around in circles, perhaps hoping for stray crumbs to be dropped from one of the nearby passengers waiting at the various shelters but he was definitely determined to remain where he was. 

Several times a bus or car thundered by and each time this little guy came dancing along between the wheels and by now he had most definitely earned my admiration for whether it be bravery or just sheer stupidity this tiny little bird ( a wagtail) had no intention of giving ground and retreating. I watched him curiously for quite some time this little winged daredevil and i mused on why he risked running around between the wheels on such tiny little legs when he could so easily fly out of reach and then return. Clearly he knew something i did not for he continued doggedly dashing back and forth. Sadly i had to leave him behind but i hope he got his reward for he truly deserved it but with such a beautiful pair of wings i guess i’ll never understand, why do birds run??

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