Sweep me off my feet


Alas the dating love boat has been sailing on by without me lately. Mainly due to me for i confess i haven’t really had the enthusiasm to weed the odd potential out from amongst the ‘oh no’s’  and have pretty much avoided answering any messages sent my way. Yes i guess i do feel slightly guilty and a little bit bad mannered which really isn’t my way but any desire to chat with faceless romeos has drained away somewhat more rapidly than i expected.

I have replied to the odd one or two, more in a friendly fashion than anything else and on some whim responded to a wink from a very cute looking soldier which i wouldn’t usually do. Okay i’m strange, uniforms really don’t do that much for me. Sure they’re smart and can make a guy look good but thats it i’m afraid, you wont see me running alongside the nearest fire engine screaming help i need resuscitating!  

Some time later amid all the chat he says to me ”So do you want to be swept off your feet?”   I blinked in surprise at that, i’ve never been asked it before. Guys are usually inclined to be the sweep you off your feet kind or as in most cases they aren’t.  The question actually threw me and i sat and pondered for a while, did i want to be swept off my feet?? I’m not easily impressed i’m too practical and logical for that but it can be done and as i sat and thought about it realisation dawned. YES!! actually you know what, i do want to be swept off my feet. Just for a change i think it might be nice! Although best of luck to you if you’re bold enough to try!

This is in itself a big surprise for as much as i’m a girl (obviously) and really soppy deep down when it comes to the whole true love thing, i’m also quite a strong character and the idea of someone else being in control in a good way was novel but mildly appealing. Perhaps i am guilty of being so disillusioned with love itself that all notions of romance have long since been torn up and thrown onto the fire. Then of course as is my way i set to analysing, what exactly does being swept off your feet entail? Flowers? waste of money they only die, Chocolate? i’m on a diet….you see the problem? 

Perhaps the truth is i’m looking for someone to be a little more inventive than that, things don’t always have to cost money but something that says they know you and thought about you is far more appealing than off handedly bought chocolates that they felt obliged to buy because tradition dictated they should. Hmmmmm i guess it really intrigues me how those few truly romantic passionate natured men really view love and just what is their idea of sweeping a girl off her feet. Well as the years roll by i confess i am still yet to discover but perhaps there is potential yet. 


                                                                                                                       We shall see!!

5 thoughts on “Sweep me off my feet

  1. I have not dated for ever-so-long–having just recently celebrated my 30th anniversary – but I dated a lot (before I was married – let me make this clear) and to me being swept off my feet meant that a man paid attention and found things to do that had something to do with me personally – that is what my husband did – he acted interested in my masters thesis, he rode a bike to my house while navigating the other one with his free hand so I would have a bike to ride on–he brought me roses –but it was a bush that could be planted –
    Another fellow who was in the running found out that I had a great interest in Shakespeare and took to quoting him!
    That is truly being swept off your feet. I am glad you are so discerning. You sound like a smart cookie and no one is going to sweep you off your feet unless you want them to.
    By the way–I found my husband when I stopped looking – weird–but I needed a break–then he came along – our favourite song when we started dating was “Love Stinks”–that is not our favourite song now
    Boy am I rambling on –I think it is because I have committed to only writing posts of 200 words for the month of July on my blog–so I am taking up space on yours – sorry – and good luck
    PS – why don’t women sweep men off their feet – or are they already too unbalanced (LOL)

    1. i think we have similar ideas although i’m not sure guys now would concur! i love Shakespeare but i think most of the men i meet would be more likely to either say Shakespeare who? or to ask what band he played in!! seriously!! i’ve never been swept off my feet, at least not in the way i would imagine it to happen and to be honest the looking doesn’t even reach the half hearted level . Your husband sounds lovely maybe we could hire him out to give lessons to his fellow men??

  2. Manda the Panda!

    Come, come now!

    There are a few of us out there you know. Guys that understand how to make a real difference, actually want to commit, who know not to respond to every mad request you make with a blank stare, that will wander from shop to shop while you don’t buy a thing, but will give a positive response to every item that you pickup, compare and consider. Guys that have read and understood “emotional intelligence”, know what it means to both be an alpha male in body and a feminine thinker. Guys that know that the exchange of personal energy is where the beauty is revealed, guys who can feel and show real depth of clarity in emotional entanglements. Guys that don’t close up at the mere thought of exposing their vulnerabilities and inadequacies. Can write poetry and business plans, can fix motorcycles and awkward domestics. Guys who will rub your feet after a long day rather than watch the beautiful game. Guys that will open up their hearts as wide as their wallets and know the difference. But… what these guys seek to find is someone that can see these rare creatures when they pop their heads above the twitter sphere and blogosphere! Perhaps you should stop looking and start reading. Something a little closer to home??

    What NO smart intelligent women who want a real relationship… oh, yes I think I spy one… over there!


    1. alas i think closer to home is the last place i need to look given my usual experiences although if i am honest i admit i am not exactly really looking, i have given up on that and shall leave the rest to fate

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