A weighty issue

So as you all know, if you have been following my blog, i’m currently being a typical woman fighting the weightloss war. Whilst by most peoples standards i am definitely not obese, by societies standards i am definitely bigger than i should be although i am very lucky that i am such a tall girl. Actually the only time i curse my height is when trying to purchase jeans and finding them flapping merrily around my ankles being far too short. 

So yet again morning finds me at the gym stepping up the effort as much as i can since to date all dieting and exercising has produced no results. I do not mind being proud that i work very hard at the gym doing both weight training (real hard training not pink barbie weights) and doing hard cardio to help with the burn. But all to no avail as the pounds cling grimly to my curves stubbornly refusing to move. Curse you darned pear shape!! 

Now i have to add into this a moment that made me giggle. Imagine the scene, myself and another woman both training hard plus half a dozen serious body building guys putting in some super effort when in sashays another woman. Sashays is definitely the right word as she wiggled in walking primarily on her toes with perfectly curled pony tail bouncing as she went. Wearing designer Sweaty Betty gym trousers and matching crop top with sweat bands around her pretty little head and wrists to keep the sweat from her perfectly made up face. This doll like creature proceeded to lie on the floor and wave her legs in the air two or three times before sitting up to ‘rest’ then wiggled her way over to the nearest machine. Setting it at the lowest weight she pulled delicately at it whilst admiring herself in the mirror no more than five times before skipping back to the mat and repeating the leg waving. 

This pretty little barbie was in the gym no more than twenty minutes and did not break into so much as a sheen let alone a sweat and i did have to grin for the guys gave her barely a cursory glance before turning their attentions to their training. I think my face must have betrayed me for as one guy observed my amused grin he caught my eye and shook his head, raising his eyebrows in her direction. 

Lack of effort is definitely not my problem so i felt a change of approach was much needed. After speaking to a fellow dieter i learned about Intermittent Fasting and i admit this really interested me. Basically intermittent fasting means you only eat within a certain window of time per day and then fast, drinking only fluids for the rest. Most women usually do 14/10 (14 hours fasting/ 10 hour eating window) but since i weight train like the guys i figured the 16/8 would be better for me. Since we are sleeping for on average 8 hours per day this covers a fair portion of the fasting period.


Well essentially it means that in my case i do not eat before 12pm and never after 8pm which actually suits me very well. I’ve never been a breakfast fan and pretty much only ever eat breakfast when i’m on a diet so this really was no hardship.(Yes i can hear people gasping in horror up and down the country, how can she not eat breakfast!! )Allotted calories for the day are then eaten between the hours of 12 and 8. Exercise is always done in a fasting state and must be done when the stomach has been empty for at least 5 hours. I admit i was a little worried about this figuring i would have zero energy but i was amazed when my body responded and i actually had loads. Afterwards i felt fantastic which really did surprise me!


Well the reasoning behind this is simple, if you train having eaten then your muscles will first use up the Glycogen stored within them and then your body will begin to use the food as a source of fuel to maintain your workout. Training on an empty stomach forces the body to use its own fat reserves in the absence of any food to fuel itself therefore essentially increasing weight loss. Nothing is to be eaten for a minimum of an hour after training to allow the body to carry on burning fat instead of latching onto post workout snacks.

Yes it probably sounds like you are going to starve but this is not true for you are still getting your daily calorific needs but within a shorter fixed period of time rather than grazing and eating throughout the whole day. How effective this will be remains to be seen and i shall update my progress.

We shall see…

10 thoughts on “A weighty issue

  1. I decided to try to lose 2 pounds a month, so that in a year I would be down to what I want to weigh. Month One: Down two pounds. YEAH Time to celebrate. Month two ending tomorrow: Up 4 pounds! Time to fast. New month starts Wednesday. Wish me luck o me of little willpower.

    1. im the same i have all the willpower of a bunny in mating season!! And it gets extremely frustrating when nothing moves!! roll on when i’m 70 and can just say oh stuff it and eat what i like 😀

    2. im the same i have all the willpower of a bunny in mating season!! And it gets extremely frustrating when nothing moves!! roll on when i’m 70 and can just say oh stuff it and eat what i like 😀
      you should join here http://www.myfitnesspal.com im on there and its mostly americans but a great place to track what you’re doing so you can see where you go wrong. I dont even sniff anything without logging it now

      1. You are so cute. I can’t imagine that you have too much to lose. You are probably like me. I could lose 20 lbs, then I would be as skinny as I was 20 years ago, but It’s so HARD!!! Meanwhile I am pretty average with a bit of a tummy that I can’t suck in!

      2. I’m going to have to keep a journal of your sayings! SO SO funny! Have you met smilingtoad? She just visited my site, and I think she has the same type of sense of humor. You would really enjoy her! M:)

      3. the worrying thing is i actually make myself laugh. maybe i’m insane 😛 I have, the lovely lady in question visited my blog and i headed over to hers. very much my kind of humour, definitely worth a follow!!

      4. I though you would like her! I make myself laugh, tool My mom called it being able to laugh at yourself. If I couldn’t laugh at myself, I’d be the only one who wasn’t!

  2. Reblogged this on Marsha Lee and commented:
    If you don’t know SmilesALot1969, here’s your chance to get to know Amanda. I feel like I am an older version of her, so if she writes it, I’m probably also going through something similar, too!!! Hope you enjoy her funny writing!. I do!

  3. Very entertaining write, adore your writing style. Interesting dieting technique, I hope it works out most swimmingly! Definately sounds like it a most conducive plot! I am an ocean-swimmer and boxer (at home), mostly, don’t go to the gym, but was truly charmed by this adventurous and humourous depiction of a moment in time siezed in the gym life. Image of the barbie-creature was far too funny. Many ebullient cheers to you,

    Autumn Jade

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