Playing the Game

Like many this week i have been glued to the tv watching avidly as events at the Olympics unfold. The patriot in me roots for my team as much as anyone around the world for who does not want to lend their support for those trying so hard to bring pride to their country. 

Perhaps though i am unusual or perhaps a little naive but support is the one thing that bothers me within the whole affair. Yes we are the home nation and by geographical design and resulting sheer force of numbers alone we have the greater support for our team. Those far larger countries have their share of support, being more noticeable at some events than others but it befalls those much smaller or poorer countries to be unfortunate enough to not have the following present that they deserve. 

Most noticeably tonight whilst watching swimming i had to smile at the huge roar greeting the British Olympians but then this quickly turned to a frown when the emergence of some other competitors brought near silence. As i said call me naive but this did not sit well with me at all and i am seriously of the belief that all who take part should receive accolade from the crowd as a whole. Every single one of those emerging and being introduced to the crowd should have received applause and cheers regardless of where they were from. Of course upon race start each nation will wish to cheer on its own for we of course wish our own to win but surely the sheer presence and actual  competing from those at the highest of their sport is worthy of equal recognition. 

I personally felt rather a lack of sportsmanship and camaraderie and should i have been fortunate enough to be there i should have clapped and cheered every single one of them just for giving us such an event to watch. Perhaps at some events we are better at this, those with names more famous therefore deemed worthy of support but myself i should like to see the same support for all no matter how big or small and regardless of country of origin.

After all it is ultimately all about playing the game.

4 thoughts on “Playing the Game

  1. Tami Rebekah

    You said it!!! All these athletes are amazing!!! I can barely do a couple of situps and will cheer everybody on!! Thanks for the words of wisdom!

  2. smilingtoad

    I, too, would be cheering away for everyone. I didn’t know such snobbery was afoot with the olympics, I fear I’ve been missing them.

    In high school, I was a runner, and at our meets, I would always cheer for and encourage runners from “opposing” schools. I would always tell other runners if I happened to be passing them what a good job they were doing, etc, and always a cheer and “excellent job” to anyone nearby after a race, no matter the uniform they were donning. The coach was not too happy with me, she was very competitive, but I always felt the kindred mirth and spirit of the event should come first.

    1. i agree very much. People forget that not everyone has equal support but they should all feel as encouraged as the next person. I’m glad you cheered them on its how it should be 🙂

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