Gone with the wind

I very rarely form an opinion on events pertaining to current affairs and news preferring to be a silent observer, learning but non involved. I usually opt for learning things of a non political nature and so browsing the lesser headline news i couldn’t help but chuckle at a recent publication in Current Biology by paeleoclimatologists that suggested that dinosaurs may have been responsible for their own prehistoric version of global warming. Now this really did tickle me for in more recent times it has been suggested that a more bovine culprit was responsible for our own more modern events and given the size comparison between a cow and your average dinosaur i could only conclude the air must have been of a most toxic nature. Of course my rather quirky sense of humour had cartoon dinosaurs running through my head stopping to break wind then saying ‘oh do excuse me’ in a very deep rumbly voice which i guess all but put paid to any seriousness to the report i was attempting to read and given the extinction of the dinosaurs in question one can only conclude that they really were gone with the windImage

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