Awards for the best and worst service ever


Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat. Well it definitely seems someone is getting fat this year but i very much doubt the geese will get even close. As the days tick away i am like many frantically doing those last minute tweaks that make the day that little bit special. Since i really am not a fan of shopping (yes you heard right a girl who hates shopping) i decided to do the majority of mine online. It seems more of us than ever are doing so and parcels galore are flying with abandon the length and breadth of the country. 

So as my fingers tapped away on the keyboard i imagined the glee on the faces of the recipients as they tore open the parcels. Couple that with the stress free smugness on mine and you have an almost perfect scenario right? WRONG!!


Sorry Yodel (@YodelOnline) this one definitely goes to you. Thursday 13th i order before 4pm for next day delivery and duly receive an email from the seller stating dispatch and a tracking number. So next day rolls around and i am firmly seated in my lounge (which consequently puts me 7ft from my front door- yes 7ft!!) Periodically checking the tracking i notice the item is out for delivery but as the hours roll by nothing arrives. Still be patient i tell myself, it is christmas and they do deliver until late. Still nothing arrives and the day rolls into early evening and still i wait. Some short time later i check the tracking online and to my horror it states the parcel has been returned to the depot as i wasn’t home!! Confused i look around me, yes i’m me and yes i’m in my house where i have been all day. Wandering out into the hallway i checked for a missed delivery card but there is none. Now my house is small and i received other deliveries that day with no problem, having a sofa so close to the door is an advantage at times.

So i query the Non delivery with the online team via twitter since this is the only way i can get a response. Emails receive no reply and when the phonelines are operational (which invariably they are not) nobody answers them anyway. I am politely told that i was not home and it will be rearranged for monday. Ummmm yes i was i think i should know!! I have not moved all day despite having a million other things to do!! 

So monday arrives and i sigh and resign myself to another day of waiting. The afternoon rolls on and eventually a Yodel van arrives…with a parcel for my daughter! I politely ask him if he has another on the van since i am expecting one and he replies no. So back to twitter i go to be informed that my delivery will arrive by 7pm. UMMM the van has already been and he doesnt have my parcel! But i wait anyway. By 8pm i’ve given up and it clearly it isn’t coming. Heading back to twitter i crossly tweet but everyone has gone home and i will get no help from there. Checking tracking i look in horror sometime later when i find that my parcel has been taken back to the depot AGAIN!! Now i was smart here i copied and pasted the tracking info onto a word page and saved it. 

Early next morning (Tuesday) i again checked the tracking to see if it would arrive today and praised my foresightedness since Yodel had altered the tracking info to read that i wasn’t home yesterday!! So who took delivery of the parcel for my daughter then, the pixies?? So now 6 days after payment for my NEXT DAY parcel i sit and wait to see if Yodel will pull their fingers out and actually deliver or if aliens will spirit me away so that i am not home when the invisible Yodel van calls. We shall see.

Yodel, your call? I dont think so!


Best service ever

So far for me this definitely has to go to ASDA!! Fast friendly service, quality goods and they do what it says on the tin. I have been using ASDA home delivery for groceries for quite some time now and have always found them to be excellent. Ordering is simple with a wide range of time slots and orders can be placed until 11pm the night before. Greeted at the door by helpful smiling drivers who will take your items to wherever you wish and seem happy to do so. 

Substitutions are available if an item is out of stock and these are usually fantastic, often being of a higher price than the item you originally ordered but at no extra cost. I cannot praise Asda highly enough and will continue to use them for long into the future. Nice one ASDA keep it up!



Definitely for me has to go to the Royal Mail. My poor little postie has spent all year laden down with my parcels and packages, all of which have arrived on time. Through wind and rain he trudges without complaint and always has a smile at the door and a laugh and a joke. Van deliveries have been speedy and the drivers friendly and smiley. Outgoing packages have been handed to friendly staff and all arrived speedily and intact.Definitely a service i would use every time!

It seems that the world of online shopping is on the increase. Ever busier lifestyles force us to compensate and it means the loads of the delivery services will be set to increase considerably. But whilst some companies take this in their stride and deliver sterling service it seems others cannot and a growing list of complaints adorn the google pages of the internet. One would think that after so many complaints companies like Yodel would sit up and take action but it seems not. Perhaps the trick is to be more aware and start taking our business to those companies that do deliver. I for one know i shall. 

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