Life without filters


January rolls to an end and hard work is finally paying off. My weight is going down again (yippeee!) and my lovely magician of a hair dresser gave me my perfect hair cut so skipping my way home i decided it was time for a life update. and.. yes you got it, the selfie!!

My timeline is full of selfies from my family and friends, bunny ears and doll like faces galore.  From time to time i’ve seen some so over edited as to be virtually unrecognisable as a person i know. I admit i hesitated before i took a few random shots to add mine to the list. Should i filter? I don’t usually but gee, i mean what girl doesn’t want to look good to the whole world? Especially when the years are rolling by and we’re not teenagers any more.  It doesn’t matter if it isn’t really me as long as i look good to everyone else.  I’m not so sure the bunny ears or teddy bear nose with airbrushed plastic looking faces are very me but maybe a teeny little edit? Just a little spot correction here and there to wipe out the wrinkles?

Then a virtual reality slap… Girl what are you thinking?!?! That look is just not you!

I rather like my wrinkles you see. I’m very lucky that i’m blessed with very few for my age. A few crinkles when i smile and a tiny frown line between my eyebrows which i guess is nothing too much to worry about. Every single one of those crinkles have been put there when i have laughed about something and the tiny creases between my eyes when maybe i’ve been sad or concentrating really hard. You never really realise but i guess your life really does show on your face after all.

I stared in the mirror thoughtfully poking under my eyes and pulling back my skin to see how i would look with a face lift. Better? No, i think perhaps for me i prefer how i am. I must have laughed more than cried over the years because those crinkles show the most. I may not look 20 on the outside but i like to think i’m 20 with 30 years of smiles and frowns added.

So i took my picture exactly as i am. Every single crinkle exactly as it was and i started to ponder over the life that put them all there. Imagine if life was as easy to edit as a selfie. Would we do it? Go ahead and filter all those bits of it that we didn’t like and leave only those things which made us look happier than we really are. A perfect life complete with airbrushed gloss to present an enviable face to the world. Erase a spot here and edit a spot there until we were happy it looked just how we wanted. It doesn’t matter that it is only veneer and the reality may be far less attractive right?

Perhaps the truth is that presenting the ideal life when yours is far from what it seems would actually make us less happy than we were before. Society expects a certain amount of false advertising in the timelines of who we are that leave us envious of everyone else and discontented with our own. We edit and we glamorize each vying to seem more interesting and more popular than someone else. Does it make our lives any better? No i guess not.

I’m going to stick to showing my wrinkles to the world. A life unedited and smiling as hard as i can to add yet another sign of life to my face. I’m going to frown a little, maybe even cry and all the while i’m doing this i’m going to be thankful for my totally unedited life.