<———-  this is me

Amanda but my partner calls me panda, hence the title of the blog!

And this…………. IS my blog.

I’m a youthful 44 year old mom of 3, crazy blogger of random thoughts that come from a     brain that frequently takes over and does its own thing. 

I love to read, and i mean i read a LOT.Books have been my best friends since  i was very young and im rarely without at least one on the go.

Favourite authors include  Diana gabaldon,  Barbara Erskine, Trudi Canavan,  Maria V Snyder, Edward Rutherfurd and Bernard Cornwell

Currently reading…. Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman ( for about the fiftieth time for l love it so!!)

I love the outdoors and i walk for miles whenever i can,and my dream one day is to retire to North West Wales and live in a cottage writing my crazy thoughts.I cannot explain why for i am not welsh but i feel such an affinity with Wales that calls me back there.

I love charlie Bears..sad i know for a grown woman to love teddy bears but love them i do and i’d like you all to meet Woodford my favourite of all

I love meeting and talking to new people so if you’re passing on by, drop in and say hello 😀  and most of all thankyou for reading my blog!!   

                                                                                                                             With Love


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