Inspiring blog Award

Well amongst wails of pain i was both surprised and delighted to receive a message from the lovely Marsha Lee nominating me the Inspiring Blog Award  (please follow her because she has a beautifully written blog that i love to follow and i know you will too)

I never thought of myself as inspiring, a little batty maybe but never really inspiring. I love to make people smile i’m a hugely positive person and if i can brighten someones day i will and if i can make them laugh even better. So thankyou Marsha both for the nomination and for ‘getting’ me enough to laugh along with my daily craziness xx  

As per the rules of nominations i have to:

1) Thank the lovely person who nominated me (see above)

2) share 7 things about yourself (okay here goes)

1)  I’m a history buff..i have a mad fascination with Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and the Titanic

2) I’m a hopeless romantic that still believes in fairy tales even if i pretend not to

3) I never believed i could write but now thanks to my best friend i’ve even started on a book but nobody has seen it except for him…maybe one day.

4) I was never educated beyond high school level and gained all my other knowledge through reading like crazy.

5) I love documentaries whether they be natural history, science, true life or history and recently sat glued to a programme about wormholes in space

6) Sometimes even i just need a hug

7) I’m a chocaholic

 3) Nominate 15 other blogs that i love or that inspire me. Again i dont have 15 although i’m gaining a few more as the weeks go by but the ones i love so far are…..     this blog pretty much speaks for itself, i was both awed and blown away by it from the minute i saw it and if any blog is inspiring then this one certainly is    another recent discovery but this lady is so positive and inspiring and if you havent discovered her yet please please take a look for i defy you not to be impressed and humbled  again so positive and so worthy of the title inspiring. one i definitely will keep following so please take a look  a beautiful and upbeat blog 

4) And lastly i need to let all these lovely people know that i am sending this award this way and to let them know their blogs touched me. So many great ones and i hope i discover many more as i go along.

I have discovered such a love of writing, such peace in being able to express myself upon a page and in a way to bring out a person who was buried away for a very long time. All i lacked was encouragement and someones faith in me that i had something to give and i never had that until one very special person came along. He inspired me and encouraged me and saw something in this crazy girl that nobody ever did and that i was too afraid to. His name is Jay and he is my best friend and my ‘person’ and i hope he knows how much i love and adore him, not just for what he does for me but just for being who he is. I hope one day he can look in the mirror and see the man that i see and i for one should not want to be without him. I love you JayJay xx


To my fellow writers and readers, keep the dream alive for you never know when you in turn will inspire someone else.  All it takes is a little paying forward and we could all be the writing generation of tomorrow.